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How doES JSS support the employment of veterans, reservists, and cadet adult volunteer instructors?

  • JSS offer guaranteed interviews to veterans, young and old, if they meet the selection criteria laid out in a job advert, the facilities management, security and building services industry needs highly motivated and experienced veterans who are leaving the Armed Forces.

  • JSS recognises military skills and qualifications when interviewing for new positions.

  • Provide at least 10 days of additional fully paid leave for the Reservist.

  • Promote the benefits of becoming a Reservist/Cadet Force Adult Volunteer to our employees as part of their induction/training programs.

    What is the Armed Forces Covenant?


    The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation to those who serve or who have served, and their families, which says we will do all we can to ensure they are treated fairly and not disadvantaged in their day-to-day lives.

    The Armed Forces Covenant relies on the people, communities, and businesses of the UK to actively support it in order to make a difference. The government is committed to supporting the Armed Forces community by working with a range of partners who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

    The Covenant brings together the government, businesses, local authorities, charities and the public in order to support those who serve.


      The JSS Armed Forces Liaison Group is a team dedicated to supporting the company’s commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant. It is composed of several individuals with military backgrounds, including an Armed Forces Champion, a Covenant Project Manager, and Veteran Support members. The group’s role is to help facilitate JSS’s support for the Armed Forces community by implementing policies and practices that recognize and accommodate the needs of veterans, reservists, and cadet adult volunteer instructors. The group also provides guidance to the company’s management and employees on how to engage and work effectively with the Armed Forces community.

        Ewen McAulay

        Ewen McAulay

        Armed Forces Champion

        Denis Howard MBE

        Denis Howard MBE

        Covenant Project Manager

              Bill          Turner

        Bill Turner

        JSS Veteran Support

        Paul Lakeland

        Paul Lakeland

        JSS Veteran Support


        At JSS we actively encourage our partners and clients to join the Armed Forces Covenant.

        By promoting the Covenant, JSS is helping to raise awareness of the importance of supporting our armed forces community and demonstrating its commitment to being a socially responsible business. Through its own experiences working with the military, JSS understands the unique challenges faced by servicemen and women and their families and believes that it is important for other businesses to do their part in supporting them.

        By encouraging other companies to sign the Covenant, JSS is helping to create a network of businesses and organizations committed to providing support to the armed forces community.

        Overall, JSS sees the Covenant as an important way to recognize the sacrifices and contributions of our armed forces and to ensure that they receive the support and recognition that they deserve.